Education is a Human Right: Let them learn

One of the great human rights struggles of this century is equal access to education. The UN, Amnesty International, UNESCO etc all recognize access to education as an essential human right. When they reference “education” these organizations are not referencing “job training” as is Governor Cuomo but education in its full sense. “The right to education ensures access to quality schools and to an education that is directed towards the full development of the human personality.” http://www.nesri.org/programs/what-is-the-human-right-to-education

UNESCO states: “Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits.http://www.unesco.org/new/en/right2education

Governors across the country, including here in New York State, are starving public higher education. In the process they are creating a permanent two-tiered higher educational system, one for the rich and one for everyone else. That, in turn, will harden what has been recognized as growing income inequality in this country.

It is time for us to defend this right here at home. It is time to demand from our govrnors as well as our state and local legislators: “LET THEM LEARN.”